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Doccupations has general dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, office managers, front desk support and many more dental candidates.

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Doccupations helps dental hiring companies find dental job seekers that are just right for them. We connect the dental job seeker to the dental job through our matching algorithm.
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  • Doccupations is such a great idea! As a practice owner looking to add an associate, it helps to have the applicants' information organized for review. Rather than placing the ad on several sites to find the right person, I am confident I'll be able to reach a large pool of qualified applicants in a short amount of time. I wish this service had been around years ago when I graduated from dental school and was looking for jobs! - R.A.
  • I was overwhelmed with finding an associate position after my residency. After many calls and emails nothing came through. Doccupations connected me with practices and helped me start my career at a practice I was excited about. This is a sorely needed service in our profession! - N.P.
  • As a new graduate from dental school, the ease and efficiency of this site truly helped a stressful task become manageable and worry free. The ability to search for opportunities in multiple locations, catered to my preferences, helped me find the right fit quickly and without the hassle of sifting through generic postings as seen on other sites. - E.E.

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Dental Positions and Job Postings

Doccupations has job postings in 14 specialties and careers including
general dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist,
maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetic dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Working Schedule

Doccupations has full time, part time, temporary, permanent and remote positions
available in all experience levels.

Experience Level

Doccupations companies are looking for candidates from entry level to experienced dentists.


Doccupations has dental positions near New York City and throughout the United States. Your membership provides matches closest to your searching area while also providing
you with the ability to sort and search through your results based on qualities of the job
that are most important to you.

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Doccupations has an affordable, high quality solution for your job hunt. We are easy, simple and the best way to find a dental job! Simply sign up here and start finding your match today!

Pay and Compensation

Doccupations positions have a wide range of salary and pay rates. Some companies
provide packages including a bonus, benefits, retirement and 401(k) plans. Sign up today
to learn more about what hiring companies are offering for packages.