Yoga lessons for dental practice

December 7, 2016
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We started practicing yoga a few years ago, mainly to enhance our exercise regimens.  Since then, we’ve learned that we can use our yoga practice to inform our dental practice.  By no means are we yogis, but here are some of the yoga lessons (as we interpret them) that we try to apply to our dental practice and to our lives.

  • Lead with your heart. When there is a decision between what your heart wants to do and what your brain wants to do, defer to your heart.
  • Find your center. Determine what makes you feel like you are in harmony with the universe, and make sure that whatever that is becomes a priority in your practice.
  • Continue to grow. Realize that although an experience may seem repetitive, there are always nuances to be observed and adjustments to be made which make each experience brand new.
  • Maintain perspective. Understand how insignificant you are in relationship to the universe, and quiet your mind to take in what is around you.
  • Breathe in. Breathe out. Your breath will nourish your mind, heart and soul, and allow you to stretch yourself to new limits.


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