Preparing for your interview begins long before you step foot in the office

January 21, 2020
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Preparing for your interview begins long before you step foot in the office 

You need to figure out what kind of office you want to work for. Here are just a few versions you will come across: DSOs, Medicaid Clinics, Private PPO/DMO, Private PPO/Fee for Service (FFS), Private FFS, Private Medicaid.

Generally, DSOs, also known as corporate offices, are high volume and not always focused on ideal/comprehensive dentistry, although you can’t assume quality for better or worse until you observe the practices of the office.  So, I recommend visiting the office for a working interview and observation more than once, especially when you first start interviewing.

Similarly, Medicaid/ DMO offices can be very high volume driven. Both of these models can be very beneficial to those starting out for a number of reasons.

  1.  They allow you to get fast and good at the same time
  2.  You may see a number of complicated cases that you may not see starting out in a private office
  3.  You will learn to work effectively with specialists to plan larger cases.

On the negative side there are higher chances of burn out, stress, and greater chances of having non-compliant patients. Commonly, the environment in the office is highly motivated by production, not patient care.

PPO offices in general have less volume and higher chances of doing comprehensive dentistry; however, you may not be given the opportunity to handle complicated cases. On the one hand you will build your way up to complicated cases and learn more by observation and mentorship versus by making mistakes. Take all this with a glacial sized grain of salt because many PPO offices can also be high volume sans mentorship.

A lot of this has to do with who you are as a person and dentist. If all along your dental career you have known you want to be a savant in esthetics and have modeled your career path in such a way, then by all means reach for the stars!  If you are like those who are testing the waters and unsure of your long-term career goals, then working for a DSO vs private office is an important question to ask yourself. This is most definitely one of the first questions you want to ask yourself because it will drive your search.

Google  every office before your interview and read the reviews. You may find that a 2.5/5 star rated office is not a place you want to work.