Managing office staff when your office temporarily closes

March 24, 2020
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Managing office staff when your office temporarily closes


When there is a crisis, whether a large one like the current world pandemic, or a relatively small one like a flood in the office space, your patient care may be temporarily suspended. In that case, what are you to do with your staff?

In uncertain times, your staff will turn to you for leadership and guidance. They trust that you have their best interest at heart. You must rise to the occasion and reassure them that their trust in you is well-deserved.

Managing people remotely presents many challenges, since communication suffers without the physical cues of an in-person conversation. More than ever, you must be transparent with your staff. Let them know about any upcoming changes in advance, so that they can plan accordingly and act responsibly to those who depend on them.

Meet with your staff members, even if the meeting has to be virtual. Find out their concerns so that you can address them and provide reassurance. Create daily tasks and goals that your staff can accomplish from home that will keep your practice in the minds of your patients and then follow up with staff members regularly to make sure their tasks have been completed and goals met. Plan remote staff meetings and arrange virtual CE sessions.

Dental professionals are challenged daily. We pride ourselves on our intentionally developed endurance and resilience. During times of crisis, we need to help those who depend on us by providing the support system they so desperately need.



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