Job seekers are not responding to my phone calls or emails: What do I do?

January 10, 2020
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Job seekers are not responding to my phone calls or emails: What do I do?

You’ve posted a job, and you’ve matched with job seekers. None of them applied, so you reviewed all of their profiles and resumes, and you called ten candidates. No one has called you back. Now what?

Doccupations specializes in matching you with job seekers looking for dental opportunities in your area.  We cannot guarantee that they will be interested in your job, but we can provide you with access to their resume and contact information so you can share your job opportunity with them.  Here are some suggestions on how to best manage and engage with job seekers who have matched with your job opportunity:

  1. Sort your results by the date the candidates joined. Many job seekers like to keep their profile active, even though they’ve accepted a job. The candidates who have joined most recently are the ones who are most likely to be actively looking. Start by reaching out to them.
  2. Send an email or text as a follow up to your voicemail. Many job seekers don’t check their voice messages. Try another method of communication to make sure your message has been received.
  3. Review your ad to make sure it is compelling. Dental job seekers have many opportunities. Make yours sound enticing.
  4. Use our Search function. A search may yield more candidates than those who matched with your opportunity, since fewer filters are included. If so, contact the new candidates to see if they are interested.
  5. Network with job seekers to find others. When you communicate with job seekers who are not interested in your job opportunity, find out if they have any colleagues who might be.
  6. Keep trying. New job seekers join DOCCUPATIONS every day. If you keep your job active, the right candidate might find you!

Good luck in your search!