How to write an effective job posting

December 13, 2018
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We know you’re busy, and if you’re like most dentists, you don’t enjoy writing. So when it comes to posting an ad for an available position in your practice, you rush through the task.
One and done.
Not really.

We’ve seen job postings that say, “Part-time dental assistant needed for busy practice.” We’ve also seen ads that make it clear that someone in the practice has taken the time to characterize the setting and the job description. If you were a job seeker, wouldn’t you want to know as much about the practice as possible before investing time and emotional energy in the possibility of a job?

Doccupations is here to make creating a job posting easy for you. We’re going to tell you exactly what your job posting should be:

  1. Descriptive. No matter what type of practice you’ve developed, there is someone out there who has a career vision that is aligned with your practice. All you need to do is find that person. If you’re not describing your practice accurately, you’ll interest people with different objectives from yours, and that won’t work out well for anyone.
  2. Appealing. Remember that you’re trying to attract a potential employee with the words that you write. Highlight the distinctive characteristics of your practice, and accentuate the positive.
  3. Detailed. Be specific. Are you looking for someone on particular days? Include that in your ad. Do you require any certifications? Mention them. The more details you include, the less time you will waste interviewing people who are not appropriate candidates for your job.
  4. Clear and concise. No matter what, remember that this is an ad. You need to convey your message as succinctly as possible. Attention spans are short, and many people have no patience for ambiguous or extraneous information.

Employers often complain about sorting through mountains of resumes of applicants who don’t qualify for the job. Doccupations helps by limiting your candidates to those within the dental profession. You can help yourself further by creating an ad that will attract candidates who can contribute positively to your practice. Try to create an ad that would appeal to you. Then sit back, and wait for the applications to follow.