How to behave on your interview/ phone interview

January 21, 2020
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How to behave on your interview/ phone interview

When you get the call for your interview, ask to speak to the doctor or someone in charge of hiring. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste it chasing the wrong office.

A few questions I ask on the phone:

  1.  What kind of insurances do you accept?
  2.  If they say Medicaid, PPO and DMO, I ask what are the percentages? You really want to make sure you have an accurate view of the practice. If the numbers don’t add up or if they don’t know, ask them for stats when you go for your interview. I can list a number of people including myself that have been misled because of false verbal stats.
  3.  Is it a part-time or full-time position? If part-time, which days?
  4.  What will be your responsibilities? What are the expectations?

Clothes: Look at the website! You will get a feel for the kind of practice you are looking at by the way the website is presented.  At the least always wear business casual. High-end practices will most likely expect you to wear a suit, but don’t dress only in black and white; throw some color into your outfit!

Bring a notebook to take notes and ask questions during your interview. You are interviewing them too! Remember, they have an availability that needs to be filled. They are looking for someone to HELP them. So be bold and ask questions like:

  1.  Will I be a W2 employee?
  2.  Will I be offered health insurance or a benefit plan?
  3.  Who pays for lab fees?
  4.  Will I have my own assistant?
  5.  What kind of endo system do you use, including for obturation?
  6.  What kind of composite do you have?
  7.  Will there be a restrictive covenant?
  8.  Do I get to designate time allotted for my patients and procedures?

Also, ask for a base. Not all employers will agree, but you have to ask. You have to protect yourself for rainy days to come, especially in the beginning.

Ultimately, even after all your hard work you just may be out of luck and end up at an office that is JUST NOT FOR YOU! You have to focus on what you can get out of it. After talking to countless people in different fields this bubble burst of what you expect from your first job is omnipresent for most, but the people that get through it with a positive attitude have an easier time with their life and overall mental health.

It’s easy to get disheartened after working so hard for so many years only to be constantly told you’re “right out of school” or to find offices that provide services far below the standard of care, but find solace in the fact that we all have gone through it. You may have those lucky friends that found that awesome job, and we can all slightly dislike them for it, but I assure you they are working hard to make that office work for them. Like my mom told me whenever I started a new job or school, “You are a new foreign object in an old functioning body. You will experience resistance and adversity”.  Your jobs will be what you make of them. You can get ahead of the curve if you know what you are getting yourself into.