How do I find the right associate?

June 18, 2015
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As a dental professional, you need to know, “How do I find the right hire?”

We’ve been there too. Here are some thoughts that have helped us, and can help you:

  1. The Search Isn’t Always Easy. The dental associates you need to hire may not be applying for work in their state of origin, and may not have attended the same dental school that you did. So you may need to advertise the position outside of your state and local venues.
  2. Look For a Complete CV. When we meet with prospective associate dentists, we are always impressed with a photo-enhanced curriculum vitae (CV). Before and after photos give us a sense of the abilities of the practitioner, as do radiographs of completed work.
  3. What Can They Offer? We like to hear what potential employees learned in dental school and their residency programs, since we may not be familiar with their curriculum. Sometimes, hearing them explain what they learned gives us new ideas of how to add value to our practice.
  4. How Prepared Are They? When applicants do their homework for an interview, that’s impressive. We know that they invested time in their job search when they refer to something they saw on our website, or indicate that they have some knowledge of our office.
  5. Being Proactive Counts. We like to think that the proactive behavior that we’ve seen in the interview will translate to their behavior once they’re employed.
  6. We Prepare Too. A smart interviewer does some homework. We check to see if the applicant has an internet presence, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google. A small amount of time spent in preparation for the interview can yield a great deal of information that we may not otherwise learn from our applicant.
  7. References? Of course. We always ask for references, and we expect our applicants to supply us with a list.
  8. Follow Up On References Quickly. If possible, we check references as soon as we can, while the impression of the applicant is still fresh in our minds.
  9. Focus Is Key. We try to make sure that our search lets us zero in on the dental candidates that are just right for us. We think that if we make a determined, focused effort, it will produce a successful match.
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