Conflict Resolution

February 8, 2016
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Fact: If a population (N) = 1 + x, where x > 0, eventually a disagreement will arise.

Uncomfortable?  Yes.  Impossible to manage?  No!

There are five ways to manage conflict.  While at first glance some might seem better than others, all of them can be effective, depending on the situation. The key is to assess the situation at hand, and determine which management strategy will work best, given the circumstances.

  1. Avoidance- Sometimes it’s better to avoid the conflict completely. As Queen Elsa in Frozen says, “Let it go.”  Nobody wins, and nobody loses.  But if avoiding the issue is going to cause it to escalate, another method of conflict resolution might be in order.
  2. Accommodation- In some cases, giving in might be the best option.  Maybe it’s not all that important to you, and it’s very important to the other person.  Or maybe you know you won’t get anywhere by making this issue into your cause.  As they say, pick your fights.  It might be in your best interest to let the other person “win.”
  3. Forcing- When you know you’re right, or you simply cannot back down, sometimes you have to force the issue and insist on being the winner.  Just be careful – this method can create backlash from the loser.
  4. Compromising- If both parties take a step toward each other, they can meet in the middle.  Many people think this method is ideal, but in reality, no one wins with a compromise.  However, compromise can move an agenda forward in the case of a stalemate.
  5. Collaboration- Everyone wins with collaboration.  The issue is discussed until all parties agree about how it will best be resolved.  When time permits (this can be very time-consuming!), collaboration is the most mutually satisfying method to resolve conflict.

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